What is The Perfect Weight Training Program?

When you start out, you look for the perfect weight training program. The training program that will make us take as many muscles as possible in a minimum of time. As the months go by, we realize that the progress is not as fast as we had hoped. Probably because of the damn training program. And yet, it is not the only parameter to achieve its objective.

Is there a perfect weight training program?

It’s hard to decide, but it seems that the perfect weight training program for everyone doesn’t exist. However, with experience, you can build yourself a quality, progressive training, allowing you to progress effectively. The perfect weight training program is utopian for several reasons.

When you started working out, you probably took inspiration from ready-made programs that you can find in abundance on the Internet or by following our ambassadors on social networks. After a test phase of a few weeks, you modified a few exercises to increase the sensations experienced. The most telling example is the bench press at the bar. While it is widely praised on the Internet, it is not suitable for all body types. Some will prefer the use of dumbbells.

The perfect weight training program is the one that is fully customized

Over the years, logically, you no longer try to copy the program of this or that bodybuilder. You are inspired by it by making changes according to your feelings. Gradually, your weight training program is refined and personalized to get to the essentials. There is no need to do more exercises to feel like you have done a good job. 40min on a muscle group with targeted exercises will do the trick.

If we think that the perfect program does not exist, it is for several reasons. On the one hand, what was the rule yesterday will not necessarily be the rule tomorrow. For example, scientific studies force us to question ourselves as when we learn that doing both the bench press and the bench press in the same session is not necessarily useful. On the other hand, our feelings are changing. While the curl desk gives us good sensations, this may no longer be the case today.
In short, the search for the perfect program is a beautiful quest but a program is constantly evolving and not fixed in time. This way, you can test many exercises and techniques to identify which ones work best for you.

The rules for creating a quality program

A perfect weight training program, or at least a quality one, should allow you to progress and not hurt yourself. Here are two essential parameters when practicing weight training. To achieve this, it is necessary to follow a few rules:

Don’t overdo it!

Do not aim for quantity but rather quality. It is not very useful to spend 2 hours on a muscle group. In a search for hypertrophy, the objective is to achieve productive sessions. A few simple notions of anatomy is a plus to create a training program. For example, some muscles such as the deltoid have different bundles and a particular fiber orientation. This knowledge will be an asset to your progress.

Rest to get some muscle

Training 7 days a week, when you are just starting out, is not the best solution. The muscle needs rest to develop. For example, you should avoid working on your back for two days in a row.

Avoid copying and pasting

It is easy to take the programs found on the Internet for granted. They are probably of good quality but have a critical mind. The objective is not to reproduce exactly the training of a particular fitness star but rather to identify what could work for you.

Trust the sensations

After performing from the bench press to the bar, you have anterior deltoid aches and nothing in the pectoralis major. So why continue like this? The sensations experienced during and after your training are valuable indicators. If this exercise is supposed to make you work on your pecs, you should feel them work during your session. Sometimes, due to a lack of technique, the sensations are not there, but in about ten sessions, you can make a more informed opinion.

Seek to improve

The perfect exercise today may not be perfect tomorrow. It’s been 2 months now since you’ve made any progress in the biceps curl? It is time to change the exercise or method.

Message to keep in mind

No one can offer you a perfect turnkey weight training program. It is up to you to create it according to various parameters: your morphology, your feelings, your objective, your equipment, etc.

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