The Best Muscle Building Nutrition Program

The Selection of Food Supplements

To cover your need for essential nutrients, it is necessary to introduce food supplements into your diet for weight training. Their contribution immediately after training plays a decisive role. Practical solutions in the form of shakes are ideal because we often have neither the time nor the logistical means to bring our prepared meals to training.

There are of course different formulas. From the classic Shake post-training to the complete package, the Deluxe version for weight training. Many factors determine the right choice, such as the degree of training, frequency of training, the intensity of training and eating habits.

Creatine – Classic Supplement For Weight Training

Creatine intake has proven its effectiveness in terms of weight training and is also confirmed by numerous studies. Additional creatine consumption helps to increase the phosphocreatine stock of our own body by 2 to 3 g. The consequences of your training: More performance in terms of muscle explosiveness and maximum power. On the other hand, creatine helps weight gain. Count 2 to 3 kilos of extra muscle mass in the first 4 weeks.

Scheduling Adjustments in case of Stagnation

Whatever the composition of a weight-training diet program, it inevitably comes up against stagnation in weight gain and muscle mass sooner or later. This stagnation phase is easily highlighted when you set your weight regularly. A reference weight gain of about 0.5 kg per week indicates a healthy muscle gain. If this weight gain persists beyond two weeks, we recommend a 10% increase in the total caloric intake. It is then necessary to monitor the evolution of weight at the same rate and “improve” if necessary.

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