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The cabbage soup diet

Cabbage soup is very rich in nutrition. It will be impossible for you to run out of vitamins with cabbage soup! Thanks to the ingredients of cabbage soup, your body will benefit from an absolutely incredible nutritional diet.

Cabbage soup contains vegetables that are very rich in nutritional value. This soup has the ultimate advantage of bringing together many elements: minerals as well as fibers that are essential for the health of the body.

With the cabbage soup recipe, as well as the many other recipes available on this website, you can respect the “5 fruits and vegetables a day” rule and your body will benefit from a consequent intake of vitamins and minerals.

Cabbage soup gives you great freedom in the choice of ingredients. By browsing through this website, you will discover that there are many alternative recipes: the basic recipe for cabbage soup.

The alternative recipes for cabbage soup contain a large number of vegetables: carrots, leeks, courgettes, green lentils, artichokes, pumpkin,… which allows you to vary the taste but also (and above all) the nutritional value. With cabbage soup, you can mix fruits and vegetables to obtain a juice full of nutritional benefits.

Note that it is quite rare in our daily consumption to eat cabbage… even though this vegetable is one of the richest of all fruits and vegetables. Cabbage, which is the flagship vegetable of the cabbage soup diet, contains very rich ingredients such as magnesium and calcium (good for cell renewal), potassium (good for kidney functions), as well as many vitamins (vitamin C, A, …).

The tuna diet

The Tuna diet is a food system whose goal is to make all people lose weight while respecting their basic principles. The diet is based on the combination of a high-protein diet and a low-calorie diet. Concretely, the Tuna diet consists of consuming proteins while limiting the intake of lipids and carbohydrates. This combination will allow the person to follow the diet to lose weight quickly.

Indeed, the proteins will aim at maintaining the level of muscle mass while allowing the loss of the fat mass caused by the reduction of the sugar intake. The main characteristic of the Tuna diet is its simplicity. Very easy to implement, it is also very fast. The results arrive in a very fast way. At the same time easy and fast, it offers all the advantages sought when you want to do a diet to lose weight.

However, like all changes in food hygiene, the Tuna diet requires great motivation and iron will. During the diet, not only will you have to be able to lose the extra kilos by following the diet program, but also to be able to resist the many temptations that will arise.

The 14-day tuna diet is one of the shortest and most effective diets of the moment. One of the necessary conditions for the success of the diet is the strict observance of the dietary instructions. It allows you to lose a large number of kilos (up to 10) in record time.

The lemon diet

The lemon diet consists of several stages spread over a full week. Of course, it recommends the use of lemon, in all its forms and especially in juice as soon as you wake up. Each day includes its learning, simple, clear, precise, non-binding but contributing to weight loss but also to find an optimum form.

Why lemon in particular? Because it has many virtues. Namely that it effectively stimulates digestion, which is a great ally in the search for slimness. Lemon also promotes transit and helps eliminate toxins. And finally, not negligible advantage, it is an excellent natural appetite suppressant!

The lemon diet itself, therefore, consists of drinking a glass of lemonade as soon as you wake up. Well before thinking about having breakfast! The first essential step in the slimming process.

It is possible to carry it out over a period of up to 2 or 3 weeks. But like any diet, it will only be fully effective if it is combined with a sporting activity. Physical effort is inseparable, it will avoid the eternal problem of the yo-yo effect.

The lemon diet allows, by the only daily addition of this food to completely review its diet and especially its effectiveness for the body. With a little lemon, in all its forms and every day, the method is proving its worth. It is advisable, during the diet, to ban so-called low-fat products in favor of healthy and fresh products. But also forget about fat, sugar, and salt!

In the long term, the lemon diet brings the purification of the body. A healthy and profitable lifestyle, and better digestion and therefore assimilation of your food intake. At the end of your week of the lemon diet, you should take the time to return to a normal diet gradually.

the Hollywood diet

In concrete terms, the Hollywood diet is a fruit diet. That is to say that, over a period of a week, one consumes exclusively fruit and absolutely nothing else. The fruit is available all day long, at will, with the only instruction to space the consumption of each one by two hours to facilitate the assimilation by the organism.

Emphasis is placed on exotic fruits known for their “fat-burning” properties such as pineapple, mango, papaya, watermelon, grapefruit. However, the list is extended to all fruits in order to vary the menus, except for bananas which are cataloged as being much too sweet.

After a week’s diet of fruit, it’s time to slowly reintroduce other types of food. This is when the consumption of bread, white meats, or starchy foods can be resumed under certain conditions. Before you get back to two large complete meals a week. In order to return to normal as serenely and healthily as possible in order to spare the body after this diet.

The aim of the Hollywood diet is to relearn how to eat the right foods at the right time. Which is supposed to make it possible to eat everything intelligently afterward without putting on weight again. It is ideal for people who want to lose weight in a short period of time. For example: just before going to the beach or before a wedding…

The Japanese diet

The Japanese diet is based on natural food. In Japanese, agar-agar is called Kanten, which means “divine food”. Known for centuries, women have appropriated it in order to moderate their appetites. This diet is very simple because it is based on a product that is easy to use and proves to be an effortless slimming aid.

Indeed, agar-agar is composed of 80% of natural fibers necessary to the body and which effectively contribute to a feeling of rapid satiety. Thus, hunger is effectively regulated and if we are less hungry, we eat less. It is therefore a natural and effective appetite suppressant.

In addition to the action of fibers in the body, it swells in contact with water when it enters the stomach. In this way, it occupies a large space that allows you to consume less during the meal because there is no more space.

During digestion, by swelling, it effectively traps the excess sugar or fat present with it in the stomach cavity. Thus, toxins and foods harmful to the line are trapped and more easily evacuated. This principle allows an effective and fast slimming effect.

In many recipes, the Japanese diet recommends replacing ingredients such as cream, for example, with agar-agar which gives consistency to any dish without adding extra calories.

The Japanese agar-agar diet is based on all these beneficial properties for weight loss. A natural product very rich in calcium and phosphorus as well, other recognized allies, and commonly used in dieting.

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