Precautions to take when traveling to a high-risk country !!!

Every trip is full of discoveries, but it can also be dangerous in some countries. There are destinations that present significant dangers such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, kidnapping or serious health risks. When you decide to travel to a high-risk country, it is important to take certain precautions to ensure your safety.

Before departure

Before starting your trip you must be aware of the situation and risks in the destination country. Political unrest, diplomatic tensions with your home country, epidemics, diseases, climate and geography are aspects to take into account in the search for information. As the situation on the spot can change very quickly between the preparation of the trip and the departure, it is necessary to remain vigilant until then and regularly follow the news of the destination country.

To make your search easier, there are many websites that provide information on the situation in each country in order to alert people planning a trip abroad. In France for example, “Ariane” is a system for the protection of French nationals. It is an online portal where you can report your travels abroad. It also allows authorities to contact relatives in case of an emergency. A registration on Ariane is, therefore, a good precaution to take before traveling to a high-risk country.

MFA Recommendations

It is also important to follow all the recommendations issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In countries at risk of disease, vaccination is of paramount importance. It is advisable to find out about the vaccines needed for your destination and update your notebook. Finally, taking out travel insurance is naturally useful in order to protect you in the event of a claim. However, it is important to check whether your contract covers your destination and what guarantees it offers. It would be wise to adapt it to the risks present in your destination country.

Once arrived

When you arrive, be sure to follow all the clothing and behavioural recommendations. Feel free to ask for more information to better understand and assimilate the local culture. Some destinations such as Asia are very much based on rules and customs. It is therefore important to follow them and show a conciliatory and respectful attitude so as not to make any cultural gaffe likely to offend the local population.

In countries with high health risks, you must strictly follow hygiene rules. Similarly, strictly follow safety rules such as curfews.

In case of a concern

Problems can happen quickly in high-risk countries. The best way is to contact your relatives quickly, who will help you take the necessary steps to resolve them (filing a complaint, calling a lawyer, organising repatriation, etc.).

You should also prevent the representation of your country, which can provide you with valuable assistance and support. Finally, it is advisable to contact your travel insurance company because the travel assistance it offers may be life-saving in the event of serious problems that require, for example, your repatriation.

A trip to a high-risk country can endanger your life and that of your companions. It is important to always remain cautious and, apart from taking precautionary measures, taking out travel insurance is essential to cover you in the event of a problem.

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