Flight Attendants Are Sharing Wild Secrets And Stories About Their Jobs, And Oh My God!!

Obviously, we will not 100% confirm all of those stories, but these people are allegedly speaking from their own experiences as aircraft employees. Enjoy!

1. “I’ve been a steward for seven years. We definitely notice of who’s hot on the plane. We play a game by calling people BOB (‘Boyfriend on Board’) or a ‘raftie,’ as in someone who you’d want in your raft within the water if need be.”

“We’ll be like, ‘Did you see BOB in 16A?,’ or, ‘There’s tons of rafties on this flight.'” We also notice rude people and talk sh*t about them as soon as we finish service and are within the galley.”

2. “ALWAYS wipe down your tray table. they’re never cleaned or sanitized between flights. Also, the cleaners only vacuum and briefly look within the toilets, so don’t let your babies crawl on the floor!”

3. “With the captain’s permission, we’ll purposefully board a flight we already know is delayed, close the door, and taxi bent sit on the tarmac. Otherwise, the crew doesn’t get purchased the time we’re delayed for.”

“Still, federal regulations require us to return to the gate if we haven’t been cleared for takeoff after a particular amount of your time .”

4. “As a pilot, I even have experienced a minimum of one failure on a plane per month. just about every plane flying immediately has a minimum of one thing broken and is simply waiting to be fixed subsequent time it’s due for maintenance. likelihood is that you’ve flown on a plane that had a drag and just didn’t realize it .”

“Aircrafts have something called MEL (‘minimum equipment list’), so things can fail but still be safe enough to fly. They’re nearly always small things (like a burnt-out lightbulb) that we do not tell the passengers about because there’s really no reason to worry you out. Unless there are any changes to the flight’s destination, we just shut one’s mouth and keep going.”

5. “Most people probably do not know this, but on the larger planes, there are beds above the overhead bins so we flight attendants can sleep on longer flights.”

6. “I was on a flight from Minneapolis to Boston. A steward approached me and said, ‘I think someone has sex within the bathroom. What do I do?’ I visited the rear galley and knocked on the door. Silence. I knocked a second time. Nothing. After the third time I said, ‘I’m getting to offer you a few minutes to prevent what you’re doing and obtain dressed.’ They didn’t begin , so I said the in-flight crew must enter. I unlocked the door, saw a vagina, and immediately closed the door.”

“I told them I didn’t want to embarrass them ahead of the purchasers or need to call the authorities and do the paperwork, in order that they needed to return out. The guy came out and called me a f*cking c*nt, which we consider a threat. I let it go. Then he approached the lead steward and straight-up asked if they might finish having sex.

The guy refused to let it go, therefore the cabin attendant had to urge involved. Things kept escalating, so we had authorities on the bottom and escorted him and his guest off of the aircraft once we landed.”

7. “All of the crew members talk during flights, so if you’re rude to at least one folks , just remember that we all know who you’re and where you’re sitting, and they’ll be notes about you within the airline database for future flights.”

8. “At my airline, we’re taught to not lift up passengers’ suitcases for them to stow in overhead compartments. we will ‘assist’ if they’re also lifting their bag, but if we find yourself getting hurt, it’s possible the corporate won’t cover it as worker’s comp since it’s purposefully not in our job requirements.”