Dogs and Cats: How To make Them live together?!

Propose a fallback option

A large scratching post or a cat bed placed on a shelf or cupboard allows the cat to benefit from a quiet resting place, out of the reach of dogs. In this case, your cat will feel safer. He will look down on his larger companion from above and realize that he is not as dangerous as he might have thought at first glance.

Do not lock up dogs and cats

Above all, do not lock your cat in a cage under any circumstances! Did you think you were doing this to reassure him? Not at all! Without the possibility of getting out, he will feel threatened. The same goes for your dog; under no circumstances should he feel that he is in competition with your cat.

Feeding time

In the following months, it will be important for you to make sure that your animals find their place and have enough space. A kitty litter box is not a place to bury dog toys. Bowls will also be a taboo subject… It may be better to separate the food of the two animals from the beginning so that there is no rivalry. Moreover, both cats and dogs should enjoy tender moments with you enough so that neither one feels jealous!

Sometimes animals may take one step forward one day, and two steps back the next day. The process of cohabitation between dog and cat can last for hours, days or weeks, depending on the character and experience of the animals. Do not despair and remember that there is no emergency! The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be for your pets to trust you.

Still “like dog and cat”?

Have you followed this advice to the letter, shown unbelievable patience, with no results from your pets? In that case, maybe your two fur balls just aren’t made for each other. This can also happen when two dogs or two cats come together! Maybe they just don’t like each other. Maybe your cat doesn’t have enough patience to accept a dog and the dog can’t ignore the fact that cats are good hunters… Or one of your pets is jealous. When in doubt, give equal importance to all your pets!

The cohabitation between dog and cat does not give any results, even after several months? You even witness scenes of violence between them? Then it’s time to let go and think about alternatives. Make a decision: is a harmonious home with cats and dogs realistic? Or do you have to think about it again? A psychotherapy therapist can help your animals, but do you still have enough patience to go on? This is a personal reflection and only you can make a decision. We are convinced that you will make the best decision for you and your animals!

We wish you all the best for the coexistence of your hairballs!

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