Dogs and Cats: How To make Them live together?!

This solitude is explained by the size of the prey they hunt. Mice and birds are often small snacks for them! If they were to hunt in a group, then these small snacks should be shared among the different cats in the group. Unsurprisingly, not all animals would be able to eat enough.

This way of life is also reflected in the cat’s behavior. Gather a few cats together for a while or lure the neighbors’ cats into your garden and you will observe that, unlike a pack of dogs, there is no predefined hierarchy. Who dominates the gathering of cats and who, on the contrary, suffers? It depends mainly on the place and the time.

Are cats always lonely then? Not necessarily. Stray cats often gather in groups and feral cats often even raise their young together. However, the life of a domestic cat differs from that of a feral cat. Cats are active animals that need to be stimulated. They adapt to new situations and manage them very well, most of the time.

On the contrary, life with humans is often monotonous and boring, especially for house cats. In this case, domestic cats really appreciate a four-legged roommate or cat toys! It should not be forgotten that they are solitary hunters. Conversely, packs of wolves or dogs find their place according to a well-defined hierarchy. Dogs seek proximity to other dogs or active people.

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