Dogs and Cats: How To make Them live together?!

Why are cats and dogs so different?

Have you ever heard the saying “dogs have masters and cats have servants”? The quote from the writer Kurt Tucholsky more or less reflects reality. Dogs have accompanied humans for over 100,000 years. In the past, our ancestors the hunter-gatherers lived alongside wolves. They looked for wolves that were not particularly aggressive and mated them in order to tame them.

The breeding of modern domestic dogs was born! These four-legged companions have always been of great use to man: they helped in hunting, were used as draught animals and watched over houses and farms. Today, dogs bring us much more than that, they have become full-fledged family members.

On the contrary, Man has not sought to approach small wild felines! They are the ones who have spontaneously approached Man. These four-legged animals made feasts for themselves by hunting in the attics and the human garbage dumps, filled with mice and vermin. Humans then quickly understood that cats could be of great use to them.

About 9500 years ago, they began to tame these four-legged hunters. The history between man and dog is therefore about 90,000 years older than that of cats and humans. But this does not prevent cats from being just as close to us.

Why is it easier for dogs to get close to humans? Why does he let himself be tamed when he has no direct advantage in living with humans? Dogs are pack animals. They live, hunt and eat as a family. On the other hand, cats are solitary hunters. The lion is the only feline that hunts in a group. Small felines hunt and live most of the year alone.

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