Dogs and Cats: How To make Them live together?!

Help Them Get Along !

“They’re like dog and cat”: when you hear this expression, you certainly assume that they are not the best friends in the world. Where does this myth that cats and dogs are sworn enemies come from? Can this cliché give rise to misunderstandings? Is it possible for a dog and a cat to live in the same house and be happy like that?

At first glance, living with a dog and cat is not easy, but by following the advice of your zooplus Magazine, your efforts and those of your companions will quickly pay off! Are you a cat person? Or would you rather have a dog as a pet?

For many animal lovers, answering this question is not an easy task. On the one hand, they love the independence of these domesticated tigers, on the other hand they appreciate the faithful company of dogs. Do you think you have to choose between a dog and a cat?

Don’t decide! Many people with experience with pets prove that dogs and cats can become good companions. But only if they are well socialized and adapt step by step! Let’s go for a successful cohabitation between dog and cat!

A question of evolution?

The history of cats is diametrically opposed to that of dogs. Dogs belong to the “canids”, a family of mammals. In this family, we find not only wolves, but also bears and even walruses. They are therefore not very close to cats… which belong to the “felidae” family. It is not surprising that dogs and cats need time to make friends and that they need to be accompanied so that everything goes well.

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