What prevents your wifi to work properly?

What prevents your wifi to work properly?

Using the wifi network of your internet box is very convenient to connect all your equipment at home! Despite its convenience, a wifi connection is still less reliable than a wired connection and can sometimes cause some inconvenience such as untimely disconnections or a weak signal offering a poorer quality internet connection. But don't worry, it is possible to boost your wireless connection with a few simple tricks.

Why does the wifi signal go bad?

Before finding out what you can do to improve your wifi connection at home, you must first understand why the signal is not working properly! Several reasons can cause a decrease or lack of wifi signals in your home.

Devices emitting electromagnetic or electric waves, the limited range of the wifi connection, certain materials that act as obstacles, or even defective equipment can indeed have an impact on the wifi signal of your internet box.

How to improve your wireless internet connection?

Discover our 7 tips to boost your wifi internet connection at home:

1- Place your internet box in the house


Hidden in a piece of furniture or in a small corner of a room, the internet box is very often misplaced in a house, preventing the good propagation of wifi waves. The first very simple advice to put into practice is therefore the optimized placement of your box at home.

The best position of the modem to optimize its wifi internet connection is high up rather than on the ground. It is also necessary to think of moving it away from certain disturbances that can block the waves or cause interference such as metal elements, electrical appliances (microwaves, televisions …), other wireless devices or even a water point (for example an aquarium).

Ideally, it is also necessary to position your box in the center of your house in an open area in order to obtain a good distribution of the wifi waves.

2- Securing your wi-fi access

It is also important to secure your wireless network. If your wireless network is not secure enough, some people will be able to use it, which will inevitably slow down your Internet connection.

To protect your wifi network at home, connect to the control panel of your box. You can then define certain security options including disabling the visibility of your wifi network to all users (SSID broadcast) or changing your wifi password.

3- Change your wi-fi channel or frequency


Another way to improve your wifi connection is to change channels. Each wifi modem uses a channel to broadcast the signal. However, if there are many connections on the same frequency in your area, this can impact the signal of your wifi network.

It is therefore advisable to change the channel (or frequency) to improve your internet connection at home. To do this, go to the configuration page of your box or contact the technical service of your operator.

Good to know: in order to choose a frequency that is less busy, some software such as Wifi Analyser can tell you which channels are the least congested to use for your box.

4- Limit the equipment connected to the wi-fi network

To improve your wifi connection, it is also necessary to limit the equipment connected to your network (PC, game console, smartphone, tablet, computer, TV, food processor …).


The more your wireless network is overloaded, the more your internet connection will be shared and therefore slower! Some equipment can also be regularly updated, which will inevitably have an impact on the speed of your internet connection at home.

5- Using a PLC kit

Another tip to improve your connection, add a PLC kit to your installation. Simple to install and without any configuration, a PLC module (Power Line Carriers) allows you to use the home's electrical network to access the internet.

Concretely, the PLC sockets allow a wireless link between the box and various connectable devices such as a TV set-top box, a computer, or a connected printer. The PLC kit available for purchase or integrated with the box at some Internet operators includes two adapters to be simply plugged into power sockets. The two adapters are connected to the connected devices via an Ethernet cable supplied in the kit.

6- Installing a repeater for extended wi-fi coverage


A repeater is a simple to install equipment that allows extending wifi coverage in the whole house. Concretely, a wifi repeater makes it possible to recover the signal of your modem to retransmit it further like a wifi terminal.

To do this, simply plug the repeater into an electrical outlet and connect it to the box's wifi network to synchronize it the first time. Once the lights are on, you can plug the repeater into an outlet close to the area to be covered. Some models have an indicator to know if the location of the repeater is good.

7- Using a wireless router

And finally, to boost for sure your connection at home, you can also use a wifi router. By connecting a router behind the box, you can indeed improve the range and the quality of the wifi signal. However, this installation requires some more complex settings than a simple wifi repeater. On the price side, it is necessary to count an average price of 150€ to equip yourself with a router at home.

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