10 Top Destinations You Should Absolutely Visit

Plan a trip… The best part of this escapade dream. Often, destinations come to us because of the price of air tickets, but regularly, we dreamed about them for years before we set foot there. I love this time of year when the tops of destinations to visit absolutely are published and we start dreaming of our next trip.


If you are concerned about travelling to a destination where responsible tourism is possible, Morocco is a good choice given the current state of our beautiful planet! Whether it is because it is easy to feed as vegetarians (very good!) or for less massive agriculture, with the shepherds watching over their herds, you can help to do your part.

I was also pleasantly surprised by the welcome and kindness of the Moroccans. It is a truly fascinating culture and people to discover absolutely once in a lifetime.


What if in 2019 you were to go to Argentina? This great destination, all in length, has so many magnificent landscapes to offer. In a country, you have a condensation of nature in all its forms. Glaciers, large lakes, the ocean, green or arid lands, impressive rock formations, vertiginous waterfalls, summits to make you lose your head…

Not to mention animals that will take you away from it all: penguins, whales, sea elephants, birds of all kinds, guanacos, vicunas, horses of course, and many other species. 2020 is the ideal year to go there. Unfortunately for the Argentinians, the peso fell sharply since 2018. This depreciation of the currency is to the advantage of tourists who benefit from an attractive exchange rate. Think about it!


Not sure where to go in 2020? I strongly advise you to go to Japan! It will be an opportunity to discover a country with a rich and unique culture: manga, sushi, ramen, the famous shinkansen (Japanese TGV), cosplay, without forgetting this avant-garde culture in terms of technology.

Not only will you be able to discover a lot about this magnificent country, but in 2020, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held in Japan! It will be an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone; explore a beautiful destination and be there for a world sporting event!

The excitement should be maximum, the Japanese Olympic teams in diverse sports will participate, and we are already seeing posters promoting this event on the street, in the subway, etc. 2020, the year of Japan!


If you are looking for a new destination for 2020, fly to Guatemala! Still protected from mass tourism, unlike its neighbours such as Mexico or Costa Rica, Guatemala is an authentic destination ideal for lovers of nature, history and culture.

The diversity of its landscapes (beaches, mountains, volcanoes, jungle), its Mayan culture and its persistent traditions, its warm and welcoming population make the charm of this magnificent Central American country.

Start climbing a volcano, dive into Semuc Champey’s natural turquoise blue water pools, walk to the Chichicastenango market, marvel at the beauty of Lake Atitlàn, go back in time by visiting the temples of Tikal… essential and memorable activities during a stay in Guatemala. A safe and affordable destination that must be on your Bucket List 2020.


I suggest Peru as a destination for the year 2020 because I have travelled a lot in my life, but Peru is a tick above all my other trips for all the wonderful hikes there are to do. The landscapes are downright moving and change every moment. It is a destination that is becoming more and more touristic and that is why I advise you to go there in 2020.

As our hiking guide explained to us, we must fully enjoy the glacial landscapes and ancestral lands of this magnificent destination before they become a history of the past. In addition, I would like to add that Peru is a country that is enormously rich in culture, history and gastronomy.


A land of wide-open spaces, wild landscapes as far as the eye can see, animals that have never known barriers, nomads proud of their traditions, from the Gobi desert to the northern mountains, steppes, forests, lakes… Mongolia welcomes the traveller with open arms, offers him a bowl of aïrag, opens the door to his yurts. It offers daring adventures to the daring, unrivalled hiking to sportsmen and women, and varied landscapes to travellers.

Mongolia is evolving, following in the footsteps of its Chinese neighbour at full speed. Under his wildlands, there are mines that we are in a hurry to exploit. Little by little the face of these steppes will change, some nomads will stay to work there. Traveller, if you want to know wild Mongolia, nomadic Mongolia, think about it for 2020…

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a destination that is increasingly being mentioned. And that’s why we have to go there in 2020. It is a destination with strong tourist potential, with a beautiful alliance between an exceptional heritage, and an impressive wealth of wildlife. But no one knows which type of tourism will be favoured in the future. If the southern beaches already attract many travellers, there are still some very beautiful wild places to enjoy this magnificent coastline.

In the centre of the country, tea plantations and mountain villages offer an opportunity to discover Sri Lankan culture, as well as the famous cultural triangle and its thousand-year-old temples. Animal lovers will be spoilt for choice between the country’s many natural parks where leopards and elephants can be seen.


Bulgaria, a country in South-East Europe that is part of the Balkans, is full of surprises and beautiful things to discover! Its rose fields, its inhabitants, its UNESCO World Heritage monuments, its history, its thermal waters and its beaches on the shores of the Black Sea give it all the assets it needs to be an unmissable destination in 2019.

Enjoy this destination still preserved from mass tourism and visit Plovdiv, European Capital of Culture in 2019! Its old theatre, its charming streets and alleys, its 7 hills, and its singing fountains and its unique atmosphere will certainly captivate you for a few days.


Still spared by mass tourism, Wales has several surprises in store for travellers who dare to venture there. Located just next to England, this little-heard of the country in the United Kingdom has more than 100 castles in a territory smaller than Belgium!

Yet what makes it famous is its national parks. Pembrokeshire Park skirts the coast and offers picturesque landscapes while the Brecon Beacons impress with their many waterfalls and waterfalls. If you dare, climb Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in the country, then come back to celebrate with a pint of cider in the festive capital of Cardiff. Cheers!


Why choose Slovenia in 2020? Slovenia is a destination for lovers of nature and wide-open spaces. Between the crystal blue rivers ideal for kayaking and other water activities, the Julian Alps ideal for hiking and the authentic villages you will encounter along the way, you will have plenty to do! Go before this little jewel of mountains and forests is invaded by tourists, like its neighbour Croatia…

It is both the ideal destination to take a breath of fresh air, but also a good idea for an unusual city-trip to Ljubljana, an amazing, unusual, lively capital… which you don’t necessarily think about for a long weekend, and yet: a guaranteed crush! Last but not least, the country is rather dog-friendly… good to know if you are traveling with your dog.

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