10 Best Weight Loss Tips

Like all those who have enjoyed winter well, many of you are already thinking about summer, which is coming soon! You have probably started a muscle definition program, or simply a diet to lose weight. While burning fat can only be achieved through careful planning of your diet and training, there are still some “tips” that can help your weight loss more effectively and quickly.

1- Drink Water

Improving your hydration and increasing your water intake is the easiest way to start losing weight. Water naturally accelerates our metabolism and reduces the accumulation of toxins. Drink at least 2 liters of water per day, preferably between meals.

2- Balance Your Diet

The structure of our diet is crucial when we want to improve our body composition. Food is 70% of the work, the remaining 30% depends on the content of the training sessions, therefore on the caloric expenditure. Don’t even try to compensate for your excess food by training more and longer, it doesn’t work. It is essential that your diet is balanced and scrupulously followed so that you can obtain good results. Your plate should look like this: 50% vegetables, 25% lean protein and 25% healthy carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.

3- Get Natural Sugar from Healthy Foods

During your diet to lose weight, you will have to go through difficult times, when you will have to manage cravings and hunger. What should be done in these specific cases?

Looking for sugar?

Try fresh fruit, oranges, berries, and apples that will naturally stimulate your metabolism and nourish your sweet tooth.

You’re craving for chocolate?

Go ahead! Go ahead! A dark chocolate square can’t hurt you: it contains magnesium, flavonoids, antioxidants, theobromine and even caffeine, which is a powerful fat burner. But be careful, the virtues of dark chocolate are reduced to nothing if you eat the whole bar.

Do you need to feel comfortable?

Did you know that an average potato contains only 163 calories? During the day, don’t hesitate! Also, soluble fibers such as glucomannan found in konjac swell in the presence of water and help to wedge the stomach during periods when it is difficult to control your appetite.

4- Vegetables To The Rescue!

Why are we always looking for magical foods that contain “zero calories”? Because we are generally greedy and want to eat as much as we want without having to suffer the consequences. Eat as many green vegetables as you like and treat them as calorie-free foods. In addition to stimulating intestinal transit, green vegetables activate metabolism and improve the digestion of nutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

5- Proteins To Stimulate Metabolism

Proteins play a major role in muscle gain and weight loss. Indeed, protein digestion and synthesis are energy-consuming mechanisms that stimulate metabolism. By consuming more protein, we put the body in a state of anabolism, which is conducive to fat burning and muscle building. But which protein sources to choose? 25% of your daily nutritional intake should come from eggs, chicken, fish, lentils, tofu, nuts, dairy products, etc.

6- The Right Fat Helps Your Body Burn Fat

Do not avoid fats because they are caloric. Be aware that good polyunsaturated fats such as Omega 3 can actually help you lose weight by burning stored fats. Yes, good fats are actually an undeniable tool to lose weight quickly! Your body stores fat from excess calories and large changes in insulin levels to build energy reserves. But if you eat a balanced amount of healthy fat every day, your body is less likely to store calories as easily.

In addition, the satiating effect of fat limits and suppresses carbohydrate cravings, which are far from being essential to the proper functioning of your body. Examples of good sources of fat: avocados, nuts, whole eggs, salmon, almond butter, olive oil, etc.

7- What To Eat and How Often?

Many people skip breakfast, nibble at lunch, then make a huge meal before going to bed. Eat more during the day and less when it gets dark! The intelligent and consistent distribution of caloric intake considerably reduces fat intake. What’s the point of eating a lot in the evening if you go to bed in the next few hours?

  • Make meals more frequent
  • Reduce carbohydrate levels as the day progresses
  • Do not consume carbohydrates after 5 pm

8- Ease off Alcohol

The fastest way to lose weight is to stop drinking your calories. Alcohol is an empty calorie that really doesn’t bring anything to the body: no protein or vitamins. People who drink a lot and frequently store fat easily because alcohol affects metabolism and organs. Its negative impact on muscle mass and fat burning should discourage you from consuming it too frequently because an over-watered evening can wipe out all your weekly efforts in a few hours!

9- Take Notes

If you regularly record in a notebook or mobile application what you eat, you will be more accurate in your approach and your results will be faster. In addition, monitoring what you eat makes you more responsible and you will be able to better assess your daily progress.

10- Keep Training

Exercise stimulates the metabolism and is the key to boosting weight loss! Sport tones our bodies and improves skin quality, improves endurance, gives us more energy, makes us happier and healthier. Also and most importantly, a muscular body burns calories and fat more easily, while a body without tonicity stores fat easily.

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